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Jaldhara Techonologies
Jaldhara Techonologies
Jaldhara Techonologies
Jaldhara Techonologies Jaldhara Techonologies
Jaldhara Techonologies
Jaldhara TechonologiesSewage Treatment / Effluent Treatment

Jaldhara TechonologiesWater Treatment Plant

Jaldhara Techonologies Jaldhara Techonologies Jaldhara Techonologies


3rd Generation Membrane Bio Reactor combining two proven Technologies
  1. Biological: Enhanced biological treatment incorporating BNR
  2. Physical: Immersed membrane filtration system Is a Fully Automatic and Totally Self-contained, packaged treatment system.
System footprint is significantly smaller than conventional aeration basins because the high biomass concentration enables the use of a much smaller aeration tank and the efficient membrane filtration process eliminates the need for a clarifier space. It produces the finest treated water, meeting the most stringent pollution control norms. This fully automated system requires minimal operator intervention. Grewa-M meets the challenges of wastewater treatment globally.

The Challenge
High load variation (peak/non-peak)
Space constraints
High-concentration wastewater and stringent discharge regulations
Capital expenditure
High operating costs
Odour control
Nutrient removal
Adapts to high load variation
Low footprint-20-50% lower than conventional systems
High quality treated water
Need for chlorination/UV for tertiary treatment eliminated Treatment capacity expansion via existing plant retrofit or staged upgrade
Low power consumption (0.85 KwH/m3)
Reduced cleaning chemicals
Continuous aeration eliminates odour completely
Efficient removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus
Minimal operator intervention required with advanced control system and maintenance services

  • Residential and commercial Complexes, Hotels, Restaurants etc.
  • Municipal sewage treatment
  • Industrial waste water treatment
Treated Water Reuse
  • Ideal for RO feed, HVAC and cooling towers
  • Horticulture and irrigation
  • Flushing, cleaning and car wash
  • Sludge reuse landfill, gardening and landscaping
  • Pre-treatment for RO inlet

Specifications Treated Water parameter chart
Sr. No Model Average Flow (m3/day) Membrane Area (m2) Skid size in metres
1 M1025A 25 1x60 4.0 2.2 2.2
2 M1050A 50 2x60 6.8 2.2 2.2
3 M1075A 75 3x60 10.7 2.2 2.2
4 M1100A 100 4x60 11.7 2.2 2.2
5 #M1125A 125 5x60 9.6 2.2 2.2
6 #M1150A 150 6x60 11.2 2.2 2.2
Parameters UOM Inlet water Treated Water (Effluent )
PH PPM 6-8 6.5-8
TSS PPM 300 <1
BOD PPM 300 <5
COD PPM 600 <50
Oil and Grease PPM 10 <1.0
Nitrogen PPM 30 <3.0
Phosphorus PPM 10 <1.0
NB# for these models, Aerobic tanks not considered in Reactor tank
and needs to be constructed in RCC/Civil work not included
Typical characteristics of domestic sewage As per Model A of Grewa-M

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